The Cartographer’s Handbook [Web Series 1 of 4]

New Century: The Cartographer’s Handbook
Episode 1 of 4.

Part 1: Our Enemy
Part 2: Equipment

– Introduction
– The Creatures
– Account: Lieutenant James Buckner
– Process of Infection
– Account: Private Lawton Sadler
– Food of the Wendigo
– Standard Issue Equipment: RS Soldier
– Account: Captain Samuel Tudor
– Standard Issue Equipment: RS Scout
-Account: Doctor Julius Kaufman

New Century is an alternate history sci-fi set in America in the years following the civil war. This first book (also available on Kindle and in audio drama form on Bandcamp) takes the form of a serious survival guide. The books are published one chapter at a time as a serialised weekly podcast. You can support this production andAlex’s other show; School of Movies while getting access to a ton of exclusive bonus content and joining the fan community via the Patreon

Cast for This Episode

-Announcer: Lou Fernandez (Listen to his podcast “Lou Reads the Internet For YOU!”)

-Director Thomas W. Arlington: Alex Shaw

-Lieutenant James Buckner: Daniel Floyd (watch his web series; Extra Credits)

-Private Lawton Sadler: Spencer Leeb

-Captain Samuel Tudor: Spencer Leeb

-Dr Julius Kauffman: Matt Wardle

Music featured:
00.01: Paradise by Ross Bugden…

59.18: Thunder Dreams by Kevin MacLeod
Lieutenant James Buckner was represented with the greatest respect utilizing the image of Emory Upton (1839-1881), United States Army General and author of “The Military Policy of the United States”.

Private Lawton Sadler was represented utilizing the image of Charles Lepley of the 103rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry who died in the same Andersonville prison colony mentioned in this episode. His journal can be found here

Askook was represented by the half Mexican, half-Irish scout Felix Martinez AKA “Mickey Free”.

Captain Samuel Tudor was represented utilizing the image of Michael Harm, Union Army Private of the 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry 159th Volunteers.

His wife, Clementine was represented by Major Pauline Cushman, an actress and spy for the Union army during the Civil War.

Dr Kauffman was represented utilizing the image of Ludwik Lazarus Zamenhof (1859-1917), a polish, Jewish physician who was fascinated by the idea of a world without war and subsequently created the universal auxiliary language of Esperanto in order to facilitate this. He began its development aged 14 whilst still in school. He has hundreds of streets, parks and bridges named after him as well as a planet; 1462 Zemenhof.


Cover artwork for The Cartographer’s Handbook designed by M.P.J. Dillon

12.21: Wendigo by Glenn Porter/TavenerScholar
13.02: Wendigo Plus by Chenthooran Nambiarooran/Mythrilgolem1
13.36: Wendigo by CKC/Inoninbird
08.47: Wendigo by Antonio Torresan
09.26: Crouching Wendigo by Alex Shaw
02.30: Wendigos by Antonio Torresan
07.03: Wendigo by Antonio Torresan
08.20: General Curtis by Antonio Torresan
08.46: Mace Heads by Alex Shaw
39.30: Cartographer Scout by Antonio Torresan
44.14: Family by Alex Shaw
44.28: Wendigo couple by Antonio Torresan

The majority of photography and artwork reproduced here is public domain. In other cases efforts have been made to contact the original photographers or artists. If you see an image belonging to you please get in touch with author and producer Alex Shaw at

Many thanks to our special patron sponsors: Joel Robinson, Nick Grugin, Ciaran Datchler, Marc Schade, Livio De La Cruz, Scot Corzine, Staffan Preinitz Gärdinge, Ben Hayes and Erish Traverse.

Author: Alex Shaw

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