Princess Thieves: Episode 23

Gwendoline is put to the test as the battle for the Tower of London begins.

Viola and Dashurie performed by Laureta Sela
Princess Gwendoline performed by Theo Leigh
Robin and Skender performed by Alexander Shaw
Captain Baltus performed by Spencer Leeb
Ajax performed by Alasdair Stuart
Lavinia performed by Lyra Shaw

The Princess Thieves theme was Arrival by I, Sazonov of Shockwave-Sound

Perspectives, One of Them, Death of Kings, Long Note Three, Killers, Volatile Reaction, Heavy Heart, Myst on the Moor and Angevin were composed by Kevin MacLeod of one of the most generous creators on the internet.

Many soundscapes provided by Tabletop Audio and ASMR Rooms

Author: Alex Shaw

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