Princess Thieves: Episode 25

The final episode of The Princess Thieves brings about a parting of ways.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Alexander Shaw, with a full cast

Princess Gwendoline performed by Theo Leigh
Robin, Archduke Coriolanus and Jack performed by Alexander Shaw
Viola and Dashurie performed by Laureta Sela
Oberon performed by Matt Wardle
Mortimer and Scarlet performed by Sharon Shaw
Merlene and Latika performed by Maureen Foley
Nightwind, Jetmir and Captain Baltus performed by Spencer Leeb
Lord Aaron and The Black Shuck performed by James Batchelor
Simon performed by Paul Davies
Ajax performed by Alasdair Stuart
Nanny T and Marchioness Marissa performed by Lizz Atkins
Simpson, Marcus, Stoat, Jones and Marquis performed by Matt Ramsey
Evans performed by Paschal Dooley
Tommy performed by James Perkins
Watchman Smith performed by James Carter
Lavinia, Lady Imogen and Akka Girl performed by Lyra Shaw

The Princess Thieves theme was Arrival by I, Sazonov of Shockwave-Sound
Olympus, Rapture and Welcome to Chaos composed by Ross Bugden
London Town composed and performed by Gavin Dunne, AKA Miracle of Sound.
The Phoenix composed by Mattia Cupelli
Ancient Heroes performed by Clynos
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy originally composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Brandonberg Concerto by Johan Sebastian Bach
Egmont Overture by Ludwig Van Beethoven,
Ranz des Vaches is an old Swiss folk tune that features in Rossini’s William Tell.
Canon in D Major composed by Johann Pachelbel

And all other music was composed and performed by Kevin MacLeod of

Many soundscapes provided by Tabletop Audio and ASMR Rooms

New Century will continue in SteamHeart

Author: Alex Shaw

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