The grandest adventure in the New Century Multiverse begins. SteamHeart brings together the heroes of Phase 1 in a journey south to save the whole damn world.

This first episode lays down the story so far. If you’ve not read or listened to any of the previous books you will be brought up to date with what you really need to know. If you’re already a fan you’ll find things that were previously hidden becoming revealed.

Over the first act we are finally going to delve into the past experiences of Frank, Annie, James and Abigail, starting next episode with what happened with the children of Clearwater.

This is the series I would really like to see hit a much larger audience so don’t keep it to yourself. Share it around as much as you possibly can.

Part of the shared universe of New Century, a saga set across many worlds with each story constituting a piece of the grand mosaic.

SteamHeart will be available on Kindle and in paperback form once it is complete. You can buy the first five adventures in audio book form on Bandcamp, read them on Kindle and paperback and listen to new episodes of SteamHeart every week on the podcast. 

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The SteamHeart audio drama stars Sharon Shaw, Laureta Sela, Spencer Leeb, Alex Shaw, Matt Wardle, Maureen Foley and Theo Leigh. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Written, directed, edited and produced by Alex Shaw.

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New Century Phase 1: The Cartographer’s Handbook/Secret Rooms/Tiger’s Eye/Arlington/The Princess Thieves/SteamHeart.