Die Hard 2: Die Harder

SOM 011[SOM #11]

The 1990 sequel to Die Hard. You know the drill; airport in trouble, terrorists, gunfights, blah blah.

Experience firsthand what happens when the Gonzo format encounters a movie that’s actually just pretty mediocre. Tangents galore! Other movies, what made them good, anything to save us from traipsing through the minutia of this by-the-numbers late 80’s action movie.

As it turned out, the conversation we had was pretty funny. Ask us now if you want to hear more pointless sequels discussed. If not, then we’ll only focus on the good or terrible ones.

There’s also some hilarious dubbing work from the TV edits.

Next week, we’re back with the third Die Hard, which we love so, that should be more open to deconstruction.

Author: Alex Shaw

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