Attack of the Clones

SOM 002[SOM #2]

This is the second of six review podcasts each tackling a single film from the Star Wars Saga. In the interests of different viewpoints and healthy debate I am again joined by co-hosts.
Neil Taylor of Gameburst will be with me for each of the six shows.

Gary “Xantiriad” Blower from Ninja Fat Pigeons, The Gamerscene and Big Red Potion joins us once more this week and may yet return.

This episode is all about the 2002 follow-up to The Phantom Menace; Attack of the Clones. To many it was better than Phantom, to some it was even worse. Faster-paced, focusing more on action, intrigue and romance, and the first of the Star Wars movies to be shot digitally rather than on film, this movie may stand as a perfect example of why having supreme control over every aspect of filming can sometimes be the worst possible situation, creatively.

One of the inspirations for this series is the Star Wars reviews from Red Letter Media. If you like this show you will definitely get a kick out of their thorough, insightful, hilarious and occasionally disturbing take on Star Wars.

Also check out another inspirational show for me; Remember When. Parris and Jay; A pair of incredibly passionate and fun reviewers tackling the best and worst films of our younger days as well as new movies and TV.

Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. This is my least favorite of the prequels mainly because I always zone out in the romance parts with anakin and padme on naboo. Every time I watch this film I always zone out on the exact same parts and never get any feeling out of this movie. Its just so lame. Even worse in my opinion than the phantom menace.

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