The Empire Strikes Back

16 600[SOM #5]

This is the fifth of six review podcasts each tackling a single film from the Star Wars Saga. In the interests of different viewpoints and healthy debate I am again joined by co-hosts.

Neil Taylor of Gameburst my regular co-host is joined once again by his partner in crime James Batchelor, host of that very show. And for the first time; Mike Phillips of The Fanboys Lunchcast.

This episode is all about The Empire Strikes Back. Pretty much the running favourite among the majority of Star Wars fans. We look at how and why this 1980 science-fantasy classic is still as dark, bright and fresh today as it was three decades ago, and how Star Wars would not still be the phenomenon it was, without it.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. Great pod-casts by the way, got hooked on the Avatar ones and can’t stop listening. You asked if there were any 20 year olds who got into Star Wars through the prequels, have to admit I would be one of them. And yeah me and my mates used to play star wars in the garden as a result. Since we were around 8 at the time we didn’t really care/notice that they were sulking and dull we mainly cared that they were doing flips and slicing robots with light-sabers. To answer the who got to be who thing, there was always a fight over Darth Maul and then Qui-gon but other than that we just made the characters up. Oh and to 8-10 year olds, Jar-Jar was actually kinda funny and I remember not really understanding why older kids hated him so much, I understand know but back then no of us got why.

  2. Thanks Steve. I truly believe that 8-year olds could come up with better characters than those prequels contained. AND act them out better!

    Come along to the forum and find the Star Wars podcast thread. I’d like to pick your brains on the Star wars experience of the younger generation.

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