Return of the Jedi

17 600[SOM #6]

This is the final of six review podcasts each tackling a single film from the Star Wars Saga. In the interests of different viewpoints and healthy debate I am again joined by co-hosts.

Neil Taylor of Gameburst my regular co-host is joined once again by his partner in crime James Batchelor, host of that very show. And for the first time; Chris “Lefty” Brown of The Married Gamers Podcast.

We turn our attentions to Return of the Jedi at last; (to me at least) the most underrated of the saga, but doubtless flawed and mishandled in many ways. We go into the reasons why this was occasionally a shadowy premotition of the tomfoolery that would come sixteen years later with the Prequel Trilogy, but also the depths and richness of this, possibly the most personal and psychologically arresting Skywalker story. We also round off the series with a look at further reading for you folks who want to dig deeper and a few possible futures for this franchise that, let’s face it, isn’t finishing forever any time soon. In fact if there’s a series that I could confidently predict will still be seeing new movie installments in a century’s time; this is it.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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