A Christmas Carol / Muppet Christmas Carol

SOM023[SOM #23]

This is an extensive Gonzo review of two versions of the same classic tale by Charles Dickens:

1. A Christmas Carol [Disney, 2009]

2. The Muppets Christmas Carol [Disney, 1993]

Myself, Neil Taylor of GameBurst and KDS 2.0 and Matt Ramsey of DorkTunes take you back to the winter-swept streets of London in 1843 as we take a close look at the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge and his transformation from mean-spirited miser to warm-hearted philanthropist literally overnight.

And all it took was a life-changing series of ghostly visitations upon one very long Christmas Eve.

Fantastic music from composers Miles Goodman, Paul Williams and Alan Silvestri punctuate this review, along with some choice snippets of dialogue and of course those singing Muppets.

Digital Gonzo is going off the air for a few weeks as I am moving house and waiting for the phone lines to be set back up. Next week the Digital Cowboys Community Cast will be making a welcome comeback with its fourth instalment.

May every one of you have a Merry Christmas. I’ll be back in the new year.

Author: Alex Shaw

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