The Incredible Hulk

[SOM #33]

This is the second of six reviews of the MARVEL cinematic universe. This show covers the 2008 Requel (a portmanteau of both Sequel and Reboot) of The Incredible Hulk. This is a character who has been rendered onscreen many many times and unlike Iron Man, was not only fully formed in the minds of the public but had received a theatrical outing already.

Marvel’s job with this film was to deliver something more fun than 2003’s HULK, directed by Ang Lee (now officially a parallel universe one-shot, what-if origin story), as well as setting up an ongoing character that would tie into The Avengers and future films.

Joining me once again are Neil Taylor of GameBurst and KDS 2.0 and Jerome McIntosh and Paul Gibson of Gonzo Planet. We will be back in just a few days time with Iron Man 2.

Author: Alex Shaw

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