The Avengers

[SOM #37]

This is the sixth and final of the official MARVEL superhero movie reviews for now. In the future we will be returning to Marvel with reviews of the Spider-Man and X-Men film series’, and maybe a few of the others like Daredevil, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Ang Lee’s Hulk. We will also be covering any subsequent movies from the Marvel cinematic universe including Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and the inevitable follow-up to The Avengers. But right now we’re focusing on this culmination of years of setup and expectation as The Avengers Assemble.

This is actually the first ever Gonzo show I’ve recorded where myself, my guests and the rest of the world have only just seen the film in question for the first time. in fact it launches in the USA tonight. This makes for a slightly different discussion, not least because this is also the culmination of four years of waiting, longer if you’re a Marvel fan. It is also a new beginning for comic book movies and my theory is that in twenty years this will be seen as one of the first truly successful crossovers.

Joining me once again are Neil Taylor of GameBurst and KDS 2.0, Josh Garrity of Cane and Rinse and Jerome McIntosh and Paul Gibson of Gonzo Planet. Some of the things we didn’t mention on the show that need mentioning…

1. The Helicarrier was awe-inspiring.
2. Black Widow did her fighting without high-heeled shoes again and in fact pointedly picked them up afterwards.
3. It would appear that the Americans get a brief post-credits Easter-Egg so stick around until the very end. That goes for this spoiler-packed podcast as well.

In the next few days, the second Gonzo Planet Audio Magazine show, along with a very important announcement about the Gonzo Planetary Expo 2012. Then next week a whole new long-running film series gets reviewed.

Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. The fantasy character show down sounds very similar to Screwattack’s Death Battle, they recently did Thor vs Raiden…

    Great podcast again guys, been looking forward to this one since watching it and had a superlative fuelled 2 hours listening

  2. on the thor vs. superman argument.
    Mjølnir is magic which can damage sumperman as if supermans defenses were just human. however I would still say superman because of the variety of abilities e.g. heat vision, freezing breath and super speed.

  3. try and keep it to an hour…that worked out well 😀

  4. I saw Avengers in theaters four times:
    1. By myself, because I couldn’t wait for friends to be available.
    2. With friends.
    3. At a drive-in double feature.
    4. With my father.
    Totally worth it. =D

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