Alien 3

[SOM #40]

David Fincher’s directorial debut has been maligned by most and loved by few. It’s a flawed, filthy, foreboding and occasionally really effective story. The end result of thirty script rewrites and years of troubled development. We get our teeth into how studio meddling by Fox left this project multibuggered to the point where it almost ended up an Alan Smithee picture. Fincher certainly disowned it and everybody involved was frustrated and disappointed, as were audiences everywhere.

I am joined in the assembly hall on Fury 161 by Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse, Sharon Shaw of Gonzo Planet, Leah Haydu of GamerDork, Matt Ramsey of DorkTunes and James Perkins of Geek Wad. We examine this twenty-year old curio with great enthusiasm, starting with the utterly soul-destroying deaths at the opening.

Oh and huge props to Harry Partridge whose idea for rather brilliant videos I shamelessly copied for a neat bit of audio in this show.

Author: Alex Shaw

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