Alien vs. Predator

[SOM #42]

Director of two of the Resident Evil movies and producer of the rest, Paul WS Anderson helmed the first PG-13 foray for these licenses, combining them into one family-friendly Jurassic Park-style romp. If you’ve not seen it the plot could be adequately described on the back of a matchbox or indeed with crude, crayon diagrams. Humans go somewhere they shouldn’t, looking for stuff. They find ALIENS and then PREDATORs show up. The humans go squish and the creatures fight. It’s a right palava.

Josh Garrity of Cane and Rinse, Leah Haydu of GamerDork, Sharon Shaw of Gonzo Planet, James Perkins of Geek Wad and Matt Ramsey of DorkTunes are now joined by Neil Taylor of GameBurst as I bring this intrepid group of explorers closer to the ignoble end of one franchise that only ever needed to be two movies and another that maybe didn’t even need that many.

Find out what happened thousands of years ago, hear the deep-sea sequel idea conceived and marvel at the inappropriate attempted vocal characterization of the PREDATORS.

Author: Alex Shaw

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