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After the deeply satisfying climax of Phase One, we are back to kick off Phase Two, starting here with this year’s Iron Man 3, followed next week by Thor: The Dark World, out in theaters now. Next year we’ll be back with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then Guardians of the Galaxy and finally in 2015; Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Back from the Phase One I am joined tonight by members of my original team; Neil Taylor and Jerome McIntosh of GameBurst and Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse.

Now we have had a deluge of opinion on this movie, which itself has been rather divisive. Like Superman Returns, Man of Steel and Watchmen, Iron Man 3 provoked strong feeling from many people who were able to express them creatively in this ensemble piece. So this is another rather fascinating Dynamic Analysis, alternating essay material with round-table chat segments. See you in seven day for more Thor.

  • Trailer 
  • Intro Chat and First Impressions
  • Travis De Santis on Iron Man 2
  • Glen Watts on Tony Stark
  • Honest Trailers: Iron Man 3 
  • Alex Spencer on The Mandarin
  • Nama Chibitty also on The Mandarin
  • Mandarin Chat & Abandoned Concepts
  • Jamas Enright on Pepper Potts
  • Lorin Grieve on PTSD
  • Music and Trevor chat
  • Ryoma on the Iron Man Suit
  • Andy Rodriguez on Avengers Phase 2
  • How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended
  • Alex Shaw on the Path Interrupted
  • The Future of the Avengers series chat
  • The Avengers Sell Out
  • Some Questions & Final Summation
  • Extremis Motion Comic!

Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. I will admit, when I first heard the news of the Mandarin trick, my reaction was basically: “WHAT!? That’s SO stupid!” However, after hearing your views, my opinion has been swayed, and the film seems a lot smarter to me. I know like the decision they made, but I too wish that the real villain was stronger.

  2. I loved the Mandarin thing. The only thing that slightly ruined it for me was that I knew there would be people angry at it >.>

  3. Ok, the mandarin thing.
    I know, i know… in his original inception, the mandarin is indeed an offensive character.
    But I think the villain presented to us in the trailers/first half of ironman 3 was a presentable mandarin. First off, call me naive, but I was actually entertained by the notion of this very grandiose, over the top, speech heavy villain. I found that his racial ambiguity addressed the racial insensitivity of his original character. I also found that the military might behind a character like this might have granted iron man an actual match for his super powerful suit. And if they really wanted to do this big (emnight shamalyn style) twist…then why not do it with Ben Kingsley as the actual badguy?

    Im sure he is just as capable, if not more, than Guy Pearce of playing the big baddie. The actor has proven that he can handle a range of emotions, and maintain a certain level of intensity. Just think…what if you see the mandarin as he was towards the beginning of the movie, only to hear him speak to Tony in an English accent? He could mock the fear that Americans have against people from certain regions of the world, and pretty much do exactly what Pearces’s mandarin did. He would even have more of a motivation than…”you stood me up on new years eve” !

    I was thinking the whole ride to the theater how goofy a villain mandarin was, and how incredibly epic it would be to actually flip that around and make something of him. IDN…I guess we will never know if it would have worked out. I don’t completely hate the film. I just saw potential in the character, and wanted to see how they would make it work.

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