The Legend of Korra: Balance

50 600 [Part 1][SOEE #80]

With the world unbalanced, Korra and her companions struggle to manage the repurcussions from the pendulum-swing back from chaos to order.

This time we’re talking about Prince Wu, Kuvira, some old swamp lady, and the rather contentious coupling at the end of the series. In a pinch of nostalgia I went back to the intro from that first Korra show we did all those years back… well two and a half, but it feels like a lot longer. And to close out, the world premier of the trailer for Season 2 of New Century.

Joining me once again are my co-host; Sharon Shaw, Daniel Floyd, the voice of Extra Credits, Joshua Garrity of the Cane and Rinse podcast and The Animation Archives, and Jerome McIntosh, now of GameBurst.

Next week; the second part of Book 4.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. Mako’s scarf seemed like his security blanket, I think he even says during his date with Asami that the scarf makes him feel safe. So him giving it to his Grandma is a beautiful scene.
    Glad you brought that up

    I know Prince Wu was made to be annoying but I still wanted him to just go away. I didn’t like him at all, even by the end I tolerated him but he was my second least favorite character of the entire show (behind Unalaq of course)

  2. Alex do you think Kuvira is based on (partially) a real life figure? If so who?

  3. Korra Alone is my favorite episode of the Korra series and up there with the best of the Aang series.
    Korra erupting at Katara is one of my favorite “little” moments of the show

    Oh gosh Josh I’m really sorry to hear about your father, I knew about the accident but I didn’t realize it was that bad…

  4. I felt that the Fire Nation was like Japan post World War 2 almost refusing to get involved with world events, it makes sense because the Fire Nation was always a metaphor for Japan.

  5. Alex isn’t it obvious that Bolin was trying out for a spot in the next season of the Cartographer’s Handbook?

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