Daredevil [Netflix]

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This is our spoiler-filled podcast review of the first season of the Netflix show.

I’ll say up front this is not our favourite Marvel production. Not only do we bring up what we feel are its weaker aspects but just FYI it gets very vitriolic about the feature-creep of torture and mutilation into adult TV. This rant has been a long time coming folks. But there are of course aspects that we like and indeed love, and we definitely want to see more.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. Hey guys, long-time listener, first time writing in (how’s that for an opening cliche ? :D). Really love the podcasts, they’ve gotten me through looooong hours of work and travel and have given me a greater appreciation for lots of the films I love (or hate :D). Loved this one as well, i fail to see the general hype on Daredevil and am 100% behind you on the subject of unnecessary violence in TV.

    Just wanted to chime in on the subject of Alex saying he places Agents of Shield on the bottom of his MCU list. I have to ask – did you drop it in the middle of season 1 like 90% of people ? Or did you manage to get to the part where it links up with Winter Soldier ? Fair enough if you got to that part and still dislike it, but if you haven’t seen the second part of season 1 and season 2 – I strongly recommend you do, they do so much to build up the MCU, the Shield-Hydra fallout. The writing’s gotten really better (both in terms of story, characters and humour), they’ve introduced a lot of interesting and loved characters from the comics and they’re building up both towards Civil War and . . . another series that shall remain unmentioned as to avoid spoilers. If anyone’s been put off by the early episodes of Shield and dropped it – I strongly recommend they try and push through the bad parts :)

    Anyways, keep on keeping on, looking forward to future episodes (can’t wait for Ultron, going this Friday to see it :D)

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