Secret Rooms: Episode 15

Secret Rooms White Square 600The Epilogue.

 Five months later and the Cartographers are in a different place with dangers both new and old looming on the horizon.
 A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this first quarter of Season 2 what it became.
Sharon Shaw: Abigail Grey/Katherine Holloway 
Alex Shaw: Penrose/Carl/Malloy/Joey/Troy/Arlington 
Laureta Sela: Captain Annie Oakley 
Spencer Leeb: Sargent Frank Butler/Mr Williams 
Maureen Foley: Chorley/Sampson/Mrs Williams/Greta 
Matt Wardle: Johan Krieger/Davey/Buck/Oscar/Pines 
Lorin Grieve: Virgil Doreen Sobioch: The Voice 
One Wild West composed by Edward Blakely of Shockwave Sounds Snowdrop, Shores of Avalon, The Escalation, Prelude to Action, One of Them, Frozen Star, Stormfront, Pepper’s Theme, Fanfare for Space and Thunder Dreams all composed by Kevin McLeod of
Written, edited and produced by Alex Shaw
New Century will continue with Tiger’s Eye
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Author: Alex Shaw

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