Jurassic Park

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[SOM #119]

One of the greatest movies of all time gets the Digital Drift treatment in good time to get everyone fired up for the first new installment we’ve had in this series in 14 years (and quite possibly the only other good one).

Still as fresh and endlessly entertaining to us as it was back in 1993, this film is rarely out of our re-watching rotation, and as such i know it frame by frame and word by word.  So we take you through every scene and get to the bottom of why this is such an appealing and effective story.

Joining us are Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse and The Animation Archives and James Perkins of GameBurst and Altviewmovies.  Next week: Why The Lost World is a steaming pile of dinosaur droppings.

Listen to Tiger’s Eye!

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Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. To comment on the actual T. rex being rubbish at 1:10. This is actually not the case.
    There was some controversy with the rex being a scavenger with a few supporters of the idea. But recently there was an in depth study that firmly put the rex back in the top predator niche. In short, there are a number of prey fossils of Triceratops and Edmontosaurus with healed wounds that can only come from T. rex indicating they were attacked while alive. Based on the leg proportions T. rex was also faster than it’s prey. there was a lot more, but this is the basic idea of it. At the very least it did active hunting as well as scavenging.

    So yeah. Tyrannosaurus rex is still the king.

    Also great podcast!

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