Jurassic World

68 600[SOM #122]

Rather than our usual super-in-depth discussion Neil Taylor, James Perkins and I take Sharon (who hasn’t seen the movie) through the full theme park experience of Jurassic World, from the first step out of the front door to the recovery on the ride home.

Within the fiction of this story Jurassic Park has been operating for ten years as a paleolithic combination of Sea World and a safari park. To reinvigorate dwindling crowds the scienticians backstage create something called a “Whatcouldpossiblygowrongasaurus” made mostly of lethal, muscular animal cunning, teeth and hate.

Find out, along with Sharon, what happens.

Next week: Terminator 2

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Author: Alex Shaw

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  1. The reason the T-Rex wasn’t putting up as great as a fight as you would expect was because it’s over 20 years old. They’ve confirmed it… IT’S THE SAME T-REX FROM THE FIRST MOVIE!!! which of course makes that fight even more awesome if that’s possible to believe.

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