School of Movies Podcast #126: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

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For various reasons, including a high likelihood of We Hate Movies releasing their own show about this movie this week (which means it warrants this double-critical kicking) as well as the edit of Terminator 2 being not quite done yet (because the film is incredible and deserves even more work than we’ve put in already) here is our scathing review of Terminator 3.

I rarely get to hear Joshua Garrity get angry and he went in quite placid and apathetic. Fortunately we managed to rile him up until an exceptionally entertaining stream of vitriol escaped to join our twin surges of disgust for this horrendous affront to cinema?

Think we’re being too harsh? That’s just because the neat ending made you forget the horrible journey. Let us remind you so that we can all see this for the stinker that it has always been.

If I’m right and WHM are indeed covering this as well then next Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me to see which points we all concur on.

Next week: Terminator 2 (For reals this time)

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Author: Alex Shaw

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