School of Movies Podcast #127: Terminator Salvation

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The Terminator series reboots again (kind of), delivering a dark, desaturated, dusty, miserable, angry, shouty future war of dirty humans vs Decepticons!

Christian Bale stars as John Connor, bringing with him all the furious, savage, grumpy intensity he is capable of. Not satisfied with one gravely, shaven-headed Johnny Template this movie brings us two with Sam Worthington playing Marcus Wright, the mysterious wanderer with a secret identity… unless you’ve seen the trailer, in which case it’s a pre-established identity we spend an ice age waiting for everyone in the movie to catch up with. That should sound familiar by now if you’re a Terminator fan.

If you love this film you should avoid this podcast like bubonic plague because we are unmerciful. Neil Taylor of GameBurst joins us part-way through and we get down to some deeper themes (which of course this story shied away from)

We’ll be back next week to talk about Terminator Genisys, which I did end up seeing, followed, the week after with a richly exploratory discussion on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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Author: Alex Shaw

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