Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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[SOEE #110]

We bring our Terminator shows to a close with a discussion about the brief but brightly burning TV series. This managed two seasons, which is more than most Fox shows and the ending is abrupt but satisfying, hinting at greater depths in further episodes.

However, in it’s lifespan it managed some of the most cerebral, emotional and fascinating moments in Terminator mythology leaving the three most recent movies in the dust.

The central trio of performances grow exceptional over time and are backed up by a network of strong support characters, expanding beyond the typical small group of the movies and  outlining a saga across time that is epic in scale. Yet at its core this is a deeply personal story about a mother and her son, John’s maturing into the man he has heard so much about from others and the enormous burden Sarah feels, but cannot set down.

It’s worth your time and money.

The episode is divided into two with a spoiler section clearly flagged, in which we discuss the endgame.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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