School of Movies: Ant-Man

What does Ant-Man tell us about the virtue of the small?

Marvel have changed the way long-running movie series’ are produced with multiple interlinking stories. Considering the blockbuster status of every one of them why does occasionally going small actually benefit them in the long run.

Question of the Week: Which movie with an epic scale and massively high stakes, had you absolutely gripped, and why?
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“Empathy Can Be Limited if You Let it Be” by Daryl Cameron can be found on

Music Used:

Rollin’ at 5 by Kevin McLeod
Rollin’ at 5 – Electronic by Kevin McLeod
Summer Days by Kai Engel
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Master of the Feast by Kevin McLeod

“Baygasm” artwork by Mike Hearn. Check out his webcomic at

Written and hosted by Alex & Sharon Shaw (@NewCenturyShow / @cai_boxer)

We also have a podcast! Listen to episode #76 of Digital Drift for a two hour round table discussion all about Ant-Man. Podcasts on all the other Marvel movies can be found here:

Edited by Alex Shaw

Author: Alex Shaw

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