School of Movies Podcast #131: Fantasia

131 600 Fantasia

The first show under the new name is the third of the Disney animated classics. Over the next year we’re going to cover every single one of these. Some in fairly short order, others in extensive detail, and Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits is with us every step of the way.

This one was a big risk for Disney. Snow White did insanely well, Pinocchio cost $2.2 million but only made one million back in 1940, their third had to cement the studio as more than just a flash in the pan success. Walt saw it as a transcending of the cinematic experience, and a project that could be added to and built upon for years. Instead it bored, bemused and bewildered audiences and took decades to become the revered classic it now stands at.

We pull no punches in delivering our personal takes on the many sections of this movie.

Once again Retro Asylum are in the three finalists in the video games category of the podcast awards. We suggest you vote for them.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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