Return of the Jedi [Commentary]

Commentary 3 - Return of the JediReturn of the Jedi [Commentary]Alex, Sharon, Neil and the other Alex return to finish the Original Trilogy.

This has always been a favourite of both Alex and Sharon so we were both surprised to find we had slightly less to say about it than the other two. With Star Wars you can talk about its influence and how they managed to make something immense from plywood and sand, with Empire you can delineate how they turned that into a genuinely brilliant sequel with everybody on board at the top of their game.

With Jedi, there’s an immense fondness, but things started to get silly again, with the tiny cannibal bears and the burping frogs. It seems like everything to do with Luke and Vader, Yoda and the Emperor is top notch, arguably series highs. It’s the rest of the stuff that pulls it down, and most likely makes this less of a celebrated classic than Star wars and Empire.

That doesn’t mean we don’t find a million things to say while we’re watching. And we just about manage to hold off on making what will surely be dated references to the new films. You can hear more from Neil Taylor on GameBurst and more from Alex Eding on the Plaid Hat podcast.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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