Bad Reviews Against Humanity: Vol. 6

BR 6[SOEE #87]

To see in the new year and take a brief respite from Star Wars we’re doing another round of reading out some of the most irrational, sarcastic and hilarious movie reviews from the @AmznMovieRevws twitter feed.

Along with this is a series of dramatic readings from many sources, most notably the fourth Fifty Shades of Grey book from the ongoing billionaire pervert saga; Grey.

Joining us from The Mana Pool (a Magic: The Gathering podcast that we guested on) Jason Chewie Slate, and Bill Bloodworth, and their buddy from Card Advantage; Aaron LaCluyze.

Once again, don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this one. We don’t want to be responsible for any mishaps incurred while laughing hysterically.


Author: Alex Shaw

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