The Force Awakens [Part 2]

SOM 142The second installment in our epic Force Awakens show brings in three new voices and a Star Destroyer-full of speculation. Parris Lilly of Uncle Gamer, Film Tangent and Remember When (who has also done his own episode on this movie), James Batchelor of the Bond and Beyond and Rare Replayed podcasts and Alex Eding of Plaid Hat Games.

Before we begin another huge dose of enthusiastic raving about the seventh movie there’s a montage of many of the issues fans have had with the movie. None of them bothered me, but clearly many people were driven to enjoying the film less or worse, downright hating it.

Then we move onto the characters we have not yet covered, as well as talking details and theorizing wildly about later movies in this series as well as talking about how the landscape of Star Wars in cinema has now changed forever.

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Author: Alex Shaw

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