Arlington Promo CoverThings are getting tense in Washington, 1883. America is recovering from a pandemic that turns its carriers savage, President Ulysses S. Grant’s health is fading and the newly formed National Intelligence Agency is handling the lion’s share of the total war plan to reunify the scattered populace and take back the cities.

Director Thomas W. Arlington’s first edition of The Cartographer’s Handbook has been notoriously unpopular. Many people don’t want a rumored former slave in a position of supreme power. There’s political and social unrest to handle and the threat of attack from all corners, morning, noon and night.

His every action has far-reaching consequences for the future of mankind, but on a personal level his family are now in the line of fire. Over the coming weeks he must gather together his allies and make some of the hardest decisions of his life.

Compelling intrigue, nail-biting tension and razor-sharp dialogue abound in this political thriller

Part of the shared universe of New Century, a saga set across many worlds with each story constituting a piece of the grand mosaic.

It will be available on Kindle and in paperback form in Spring 2016.


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The Arlington audio drama stars Alex Shaw, Spencer Leeb, Sharon Shaw, Laureta Sela, Maureen Foley and Matt Wardle. Music by Kevin McCloud. Written, directed, edited and produced by Alex Shaw.

New Century Phase 1: The Cartographer’s Handbook/Secret Rooms/Tiger’s Eye/Arlington/SteamHeart

New Century Phase 2: Coming 2016